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What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a restorative flavor of yoga that focuses on various asanas (postures) in static holds that can last from one minute up to 5, 10  or 20 minutes in length. Yin is designed to help build bone strength and connective tissue elasticity. 


Benefits of Yin

Yin is a wonderful tool to increase or improve flexibility. It is designed to help your bones build density and strength, in addition to keep your connective tissues elastic and healthy. Yin is a great addition to your existing yoga practice, as it allows your muscles and chance to rest and be stretched. Yin is also a great rehabilitative tool for those dealing with injuries. There are various modifications to all Yin postures to allow for those dealing with injuries. Yin is designed to keep the body in top health if practiced on a regular basis. 


The power behind the body and breath connection

Yin is the perfect flavor of yoga to go deeper into understanding your own physiology and how your own body is aligned. Something magical happens when connecting the breath with the stillness inside of your body. It allows you to connect with what is happening inside. 

Most yoga classes are so fast-paced that you never have the chance to connect with your body, let alone understand the alignment of your body in yoga asanas (postures). 

My teaching style of Yin allows you to have time to breathe and connect with your own body and how it feels with each posture. 

Elle Rae Schaefer


Elle Rae became certified in Vinyasa in 2011 in Chicago. After studying with Paulie Zink, she began leading Yin yoga classes and immediately fell in love with its gift of healing. She also became an attuned Vedic meditator that same year. In addition, Elle is an Advanced Reiki practitioner and has been integrating breathwork through her tutelage with Dr. Sue Morter. 

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Full Yin sequence

Here is a one hour guided Yin practice that covers the entire body.

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I offer private 1:1 Yin yoga and guided meditation sessions on an appointment only basis. Connect with me to schedule a 60, 75 or 90 minute session. 

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