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Safely acknowledging trauma through the space of loving presence.

How life led me to creating Soul Ergonomics

Hear a little about my journey over the past 20 years or so and how loss led me to my own healing.


What is Soul Ergonomics?

Soul Ergonomics is an approach to safely acknowledging and moving through traumatic experiences with loving presence. 

Life can bring unexpected situations and circumstances through a myriad of ways. I have spent an immense amount of time unlocking ways to approach these traumas through the gift of presence.

Bioenergetics, breath work and energy/healing work

Your chakra system is aligned to your spine. From the base of your spine all the way up to your neck and head. We'll explore how blockages in your energy/chakra system can effect your body and your ability to move energy. Traumas can remain lodged in certain energy centers and cause prolonged periods of feeling stuck, numb or unable to release your emotions.

There is power in the breath. Not only is breath the life force that allows us to survive, it is a tool to help keep the body , mind and spirit connected. The breath can clear out stuck energy and blocked chakras. I have used several breathing exercises to rid myself of chronic migraine outbreaks and have been able to overcome bouts of insomnia. 

Reiki energy has been an integral part to my well-being, as well as my cornerstone to keeping my auric fields open to receive divine healing. 

Connecting, communicating and the power of presence

I have experienced extreme traumas over the course of my life, as many of you also have. 

The power of connecting to my soul, being able to communicate my thoughts/feelings/sensations helped me with the healing process of grief. 

Communication and the ability to express oneself is closely tied to the grieving process. Having someone seeing and hearing you releasing the pain/anguish/heartache surrounding the traumatic circumstance you lived through. 

Allowing yourself to be fully present with what is happening inside of your body, feeling it fully and having the full support while going through these stages of release. 

That is where I fit into the picture. My own experiences have taught me healthy ways to experience grief. Embodying a safe space for you to release your heavy emotions and move through the various stages of grief with ease and grace.

Follow my 101 days of BEing video diary series

Day 30: perspective

Healing through meditative yoga

I fell in love with Yin yoga back in 2011, just after being certified to teach yoga. Not only is Yin good for your connective tissues, bones and muscles, but I have found that adding a healing meditative element helps you to heal the story you have attached in different parts of your boday. I offer 1:1 sessions to help you design a personal meditative practive that you can implement and practice in your own space.


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